Swivl Training Page

Resources from Swivl

Here are some resources from Swivl
Printable Step by Step Audio Guide - Print just the page you need and keep next to Swivl as you go through the setup process.
Video Tutorials for new users - Including unboxing and connecting your Swivl
Training Webinar Registration - offered 4/x day on Tuesday and Thursday (Bring your questions!)
Directions for Repairing the Swivl base with a new Primary Marker-- Occasionally, you may need to switch your Markers from one Swivl base to another. This might happen if a teacher accidentally misplaces the Primary Marker. You can use any secondary marker as the new Primary. Tip-Remove the colored sticker so you keep track of which marker is which. The Primary Marker should always remain black (without a sticker).
Marker Muting- While live streaming, you can mute the primary and secondary markers all at once.
Recording a Google Meet session from Swivl Teams platform:

1. Start the Live Stream session using Integrated Audio setup on your teacher computer and mobile device.

2. Login to Swivl Teams

3. Go to Library

4. Add new project

5. Toggle on "Record Video”

6. Adjust your settings

  • Video Source => Screen Capture "Your entire  Screen”
  • Audio Source => Swivl Audio Interface

7. Start Recording

8. At the end of session, stop recording and click "Save". You can select the folder you would like to upload the video to while it is processing.


9. You will be able to title, edit, organize, and share your video from Swivl Teams once the video has finished processing.
Swivl Teams has unlimited cloud storage for your videos.