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Dear Families,

Sweetwater County School District Number One has clearly articulated a mission of providing a quality education for all students. We aligned this important work as part of a year-long process to develop our five-year District Strategic Plan. Through the active participation and communication to and from our stakeholders, District goals and priorities were developed focusing on strong academic success built upon partnerships in a safe and positive learning climate and culture.

Our District goal of ensuring schools are safe and secure continue to resonate throughout the District during the COVID-19 Pandemic. March 12, 2020 was the last day students received in-person instruction until the reopening of schools on August 17, 2020 for the current school year. Through the work of our school community stakeholders, a Re-opening (Smart Start) Plan was designed to proactively support physical, mental and emotional health of students and staff. We recognize the contributions of many that allow opportunities for both in-person instruction and classroom-based virtual learning. We celebrate the efforts of many including leadership; providing 624,273 meals in the 2019-2020 school year to children 18 and under with 311,602 meals served during the shutdown; technology innovation from teachers, students, and parents; and most importantly the renewed sense of community and partnership for the greater good.

As a District, we believe the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) framework implements best practices into the daily operations of schools. We strive for every school, every team, and every classroom to be surrounded by this collaborative approach of continuous improvement ever evolving over time. As a learning organization with approximately 5,200 students we know our students face a future where critical thinking, problem solving and creativity will increasingly play a critical role in determining success. As teachers, administrators and community members, it’s our responsibility to make sure our students are properly prepared for their future.

The District has two main goals aligned to our Strategic Plan. The first goal is to increase student achievement by 10% in reading, math, and science. Safety, our second goal, includes continuous training, open communication, and clear protocols. As a District, we recognize the importance of social and emotional health of our students and staff. Together, these goals align our focus on the accountability for student learning for all the students we serve.

Sweetwater County School District Number One is a place for students, staff, parents, and the community. We’re proud to have your support and collaboration. It is a place for all of us.


Kelly McGovern, Ed.S.


Superintendent of Schools




“Together We Make A Difference”




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