Young Author Competition

October 6, 2020


It is that time of year again. The Young Authors contest for the 2020-2021 school year is beginning. Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Tammy Macy, and I am the district coordinator for the contest. I am the Curriculum and Assessment Specialist at the Central Administration Building. I can be reached at 352-3400 ext. 1259, at home 389-2415 or by email Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime with questions that you may have. I would like to say that I am excited to be helping in this process and look forward to receiving the entries from your students. I am asking that you encourage all of your students to participate in this wonderful experience.

Let me begin by giving you some general information. The contest is open to all students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. Fiction, nonfiction and poetry entries will be accepted. The deadline for entries to reach me is January 15, 2021. This will give the scorers time to score the entries and get them to the County committee. I have attached all the necessary forms you will need for your students’ entries. I have only given you one master copy so please make as many copies as you need. I have also attached the County guidelines for the contest. I would encourage you to read over them very carefully to ensure that your students meet all of the requirements. We will be sending one entry representing fiction, nonfiction and poetry from each grade level.

I want to touch base on some of the common mistakes so that no entries will be disqualified.

  • Fiction/Nonfiction books may not exceed 4,000 words. If it is over 3,000 words a word count must accompany the entry.
  • A book of poetry may either be an epic poem or a collection of five (exactly) poems, and must include a table of contents.
  • A book of poems should not include the word poem in the title.
  • An author’s name should not appear on the book.
  • All books should be in book form and no larger than 9” x 12”.
  • All books should have a front cover with a title, and a back cover, which is not part of the text.
  • A Young Author entry form must be included with the entry. If you do not want to attach it to the work, you can use a library pocket card.

 Judging at both the district and county level will be based upon the 6+1TM Trait writing model. At the District Level, certificates will be awarded to one First, Second and Third place books per grade, per category. At the County Level, certificates will be awarded to one First place and two honorable mentions books per grade, per category. At the State Level, certificates will be awarded to one First Place and two Honorable Mention books per grade, per category. The district celebration will be held at Rock Springs Junior High School’s Auditorium on February 17th at 6:00 p.m. The county celebration will be held at Rock Springs Junior High School’s Auditorium in Rock Springs on March 3rd at 6:30 p.m. Please note that this is pending COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. More information will follow as the dates approach.

If you would like more information or you have questions you can contact me.

I look forward to reading your students’ entries.


Tammy Macy

2019-2020 Winners

2020 County Winners

First Place Winners


Kindergarrten: The Giant Fish by Karsen Stainbrook 

First Grade: The Slimey Talking Fish by Boyd Hickerson

Second Grade: My First Friend by Ashton Keelin

Third Grade: The Perfect Puppy by Brooklyn Jackson-Dunn

Fourth Grade: Two Gun Man Teke Rides Again by Evan Berry

Fifth Grade: Invasion by Mason Munoz

Sixth Grade: The Fourth Forest by Miriam Parker

Seventh Grade: Friends and Enemies by Emily Anderson

Eighth Grade: A Wish Upon A Shooting Star by Shane Meats

Ninth Grade: Framed by MyKenzy Davis

Tenth Grade: Haddix by Amaya Spartz

Eleventh Grade: The Conduit by Edana Jakubowski

Twelfth Grade:The M-388  by Alexander Shafe


Kindergarten: My Rocking Chair by Maycie Johnson

First Grade: Rules by Jaylee Simkin

Second Grade: My New Puppy by Brynn Powell

Third Grade: Safety Tips for Kids by Carter Johnson

Fourth Grade: Arthritis by Emma Burdette

Fifth Grade: William Frederick Cody (Buffalo Bill) by Madelyn Thomas

Sixth Grade: Troubled Waters by Aunica Mayne

Seventh Grade: The Wonders Above Us by Ivie Schaechterle

Eighth Grade: My Musicals by Haylie Johnson

Ninth Grade: Tubes by Alaina Kothe

Tenth Grade: The Boulder on the Hill by Allison Brown

Eleventh Grade: Five More Minutes by Jacob Fuss

Twelfth Grade: Float by Celeste Keelin 


Kindergarten: Me and My Family by Karsen Stainbrook 
First Grade: Animals and Color by Boyd Hickerson 
Second Grade: Dinosaurs Make Sense by Keegan Patterson 
Third Grade: The Adventures of Recess by Miles Kreis 
Fourth Grade: My Beautiful Holiday by Abby Miller 
Fifth Grade: Times of the Year by Lexana Guerrero 
Sixth Grade: Winter A Book of Poetry by Sydney Bowen 
Seventh Grade: A World of Emotions by Abigail Allred

Eighth Grade: Life's Simple Treasures by Sariah Maez 
Ninth Grade: Unbroken Freedom by Alaina Kothe 
Tenth Grade: Sixty Percent by Allison Brown 
Eleventh Grade: True Friendship by Porter Hansen 
Twelfth Grade: My Idiosyncrasies by Celeste Keelin 


Honorable Mentions


Kindergarten: Bad Gerald by Gavin Almeida 
Kindergarten: Stella's Trip Over The Rainbow by Ellena Olivas 
First Grade: Alone in a Zoo by Carson Core 
Second Grade: Lost in Paris by Dalton Miller 
Second Grade: My Friend Kevin by Evan Vendetti 
Third Grade: The Boy Who Became a Super Hero by Caden Knudsen 
Fourth Grade: The Strange Cloud by Oliver Wisniewski 
Fifth Grade: Kanilla and Avly by Karla Moreno Lizarraga 
Fifth Grade: I Know I am Loved Now by Ellie Quiroz 
Sixth Grade: The Hike by Connor Brady 
Eighth Grade: A Hero's Tale by Emily Brady 
Tenth Grade: Peace Broken by Kalesy Robinson 
Eleventh Grade: Evermore by Porter Hansen 
Twelfth Grade: Finding Peace in Silence by Kaitlyn Duran 


Kindergarten: Going Ice Fishing With My Dad by Josiah Heath 
First Grade: Italy & Greece by Serenity Bowers 
First Grade: Waterfalls by Myah Quiroz 
Second Grade: A Pet You Might Have by Raelyn Callahan 
Third Grade: California by Olivia Hoopes 
Fourth Grade: All About Sloths by Sophia Hodges 
Fifth Grade: Our Space by Emeree Brostoski 
Sixth Grade: Chromophobia by Sydney Bowen 
Ninth Grade: How Not to Impress a Girl by Elena Barrera 
Tenth Grade: A Forever Friend by Kalesy Robinson 
Eleventh Grade: Teen Smoking by Trea Denny 
Twelfth Grade: Rivals by Carly Kettering 


Kindergarten: The Dog Goes to the Park by Lila Kreis 
Second Grade: My Family and a Bug by Asher Romero 
Third Grade: The Shape of Words by Cora Murcray 
Fourth Grade: Animals at a Party by Dylan Witt 
Fifth Grade: A Little Bit of Luck by Madelyn Thomas 
Sixth Grade: Seasons of Plenty by Jane Spencer 
Seventh Grade: The Blue Flame by Ivie Schaechterle 
Tenth Grade: The Inner Struggles of an Ornery Teenager by Kalesy Robinson 
Eleventh Grade: El Primer Libro by Levi Peterson