SCSD#1 Vision and Mission

Vision:  As an innovative district, united with our community, we empower and inspire all students to academic excellence in pursuit of their interests and passions.


Mission:  To provide a quality education for all students.









District Report Card Summary

State and school district report cards are critical tools for promoting accountability for schools, districts, and states. Publication of data on student performance and program effectiveness informs parents, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Report cards help parents and the general public see where schools and districts are succeeding and where there is still work to do. A well-informed public is an important resource in the school and district improvement process. Data can also help parents and other community members work more effectively with educators and school officials to promote school change.

Additionally, the more parents and community members know about the academic achievement of their children and schools, the more likely they are to be involved in the public school system. Equipped with information on academic results and teacher quality, parents and community members can make better decisions and choices. 

This report card has been designed to provide district stakeholders with data to support effective communication, and drive district and school improvement planning. 

For these reasons, states and districts receiving Title I funds must prepare and disseminate annual report cards. Contact the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment office with any questions 307-352-3400.

SCSD#1 Strategic Plan





State Accountability System

Under the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA) requirements, schools are rated as Exceeding Expectations (blue), Meeting Expectations (green), Partially
Meeting Expectations (yellow) and to Not Meeting Expectations (orange). Sweetwater #1 has two schools rated as "Exceeding Expectations (blue)", seven schools "Meeting Expectations (green)", two schools "Partially Meeting Expectations (yellow)" and five schools "Not Meeting Expectations (orange)." WAEA model includes Mathematics, English Language Arts, & Science; ESSA includes Mathematics & English Language Arts.  The state uses the ratings to meaningfully differentiate public schools.  Wyoming Department of Education via the system of support provides support for "Partially" or "Not Meeting" schools.  The WAEA rating and detailed reports are used by schools to write school improvement plans. In the improvement plans, the schools will set specific goals and write targeted action plans to support an increase student achievement and success for all students. School improvement plans will be submitted to WDE and published on the website on February 1, 2019. 

Under the federal accountability model (ESSA), each school receives one or more of the following identification levels for support: Comprehensive Support & Improvement (CSI), Targeted Support & Improvement (TSI), Additional Targeted Support & Improvement (ATSI), and/or Unclassified. A designation of CSI is related to overall performance in Title I schools or a four-year, on-time graduation rate of less than 67% in any school. TSI and ATSI are related to the performance of subgroups. This year, Wyoming schools have been rated as either "Identified" or "Not Identified".  Sweetwater #1 has two schools identified this year under the federal accountability model.  It takes two consecutive years of being "Not Identified" to exit out of ESSA accountability. 

When the 95% requirement is met for all enrolled students, there is no consequence.  All SCSD#1 schools met the 95% participation rate required by WAEA and ESSA accountability models. If any school does not meet the participation requirement, the school will automatically receive a “not proficient” rating. For additional school accountability information, please click on the WAEA Accountability Reports link to the right.