How is Graduation Rate calculated?

When students enter 9th grade they enter a graduation cohort, a group of students who begin as first time 9th graders in a particular school year and who graduate with a regular high school diploma in four years or less. If a student does not graduate on time (within that 4 years), the student will not count against as part of that year’s graduation rate.

Cohorts can be adjusted throughout the 4-year term. A cohort is adjusted by adding any students transferring into a cohort in a school and by subtracting any students who transfer out or are otherwise allowed to be removed from the cohort.

Students are not counted in a school’s graduation rate when exiting before the end of their four years of expected enrollment in high school grades 9-12 for any of the following reasons, but only when districts obtain the documentation required by federal regulation:

  • Transferred to a home school curriculum or another diploma granting high school
  • Moved out of the country
  • Deceased 

A student who transfers into a school, is required to be assigned to the cohort in which the student started 9th grade for the first time, even if this event occurred in a different district or school. 

A student not counted as graduating in four years may have:

  • Dropped out, been rumored to transfer (no written confirmation), or left for reasons unknown by the school
  • Left school to participate in a non-high school diploma granting educational or trade program (including GED)
  • Attended high school in grades 9-12 for 4 full years without graduating (may still be seeking a diploma in 5 or 6 years)
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Sweetwater County School District #1 Graduation Policy

Graduation from the Sweetwater #1 School District's High Schools requires successful completion of specific requirements of Wyoming law and District policy. Only those students who have completed graduation requirements may take part in graduation ceremonies.  Students and their legal parent(s) or guardian(s) are responsible for compliance with these graduation requirements.  Graduation requirements begin in the ninth (9th) grade and continue through the twelfth (12th) grade. Specific credits or courses must be successfully completed according to the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards, as amended. For additional graduation information, please click on the following document.

The District will provide eligible students with disabilities the opportunity to graduate from high school, take part in graduation exercises, and to receive documentation of such formal training/education completion through the awarding of either a high school diploma or a certificate of completion.

  1. High School or General Diploma: A high school or general diploma will be awarded to all students, with and without disabilities, who satisfy the graduation requirements under this policy.
  2. Certificate of Completion: The District recognizes that students with disabilities may be working on different standards from other students and endeavors to acknowledge the academic achievement of those individuals. A Certificate of Completion (formerly known as a Certificate of Attendance) will be awarded to students who do not meet the requirements for graduation with a high school or general diploma but who meet requirements set forth in their Individual Education Plan (IEP). The requirements for a Certificate of Completion are set by a student’s IEP team and are unique to each student. If a student receiving a Certificate of Completion is less than twenty-one years of age, the student has a continued right to attend public school until the end of the school year in which the student reaches age twenty-one or until the student has earned a high school diploma, whichever is earlier. A Certificate of

Completion is a certificate option and not recognized as a high school or general diploma under state law.

The Graduation policy was revised July of 2019. In 2019, the committee added on a General Diploma option. In addition to the outlined course work students must have a consent meeting with their guardian, administrator, and counselor/social worker where the General Diploma is clearly explained and consent attained. District reserves the right of placement. Students who choose the general diploma option may not qualify for any level of Hathaway Scholarship or other scholarship opportunities. Placement for the general diploma track is available after completion of the second semester of the freshman year. Students must meet the following graduation requirements and earn 18 credits:

Specific course and credit requirements include:

  • Four Credits English / Language Arts
  • Three Credits Mathematics
  • Three Credits Science
  • Three Credits Social Studies**
  • Half Credit Health
  • Half Credit Personal Finance
  • Four Elective credits, 2 credits concentrated in at least one content area, that are career oriented.

**Including U.S. history, World history, American government and economic systems and institutions. All students must satisfactorily pass an examination on the principles of the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Wyoming (Wyo. Stat. § 21-9-102).

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