Nutrition Services Bids

Fall 22- Nutrition Services Invitation to Bid

Invitation to Bid

 2022_10_29_Nutrition Services Hardware Bid-Refrigerator NP.pdf 


Sweetwater County School District Number One

Board of Trustees

Published dates: October 29th





Bid Packet Download:


 2022_10_29_Nutrition Services Hardware Bid-Refrigerator NP.pdf 



Bid Questions:

1.     Q:  Can you give me any clarification on these shelves you are requesting on this bid?

        A: We will need a total of 33 shelves to come with the refrigerator. 

2.    Q:  Can I email my bid to you or does it need to be in a sealed envelope?

       A:  The bid will need to be sent in a sealed envelope.  We are not allowed to receive emailed bids.

3.    Q:  The spec says 33 Shelves included. The unit comes with 27 Shelves. Each model can only have (9) Shelves per section of the standard shelf.

              Are (6) Shelves extra needed?   Please verify and let me know.

        A:  I spoke with a manager who currently has this model in her kitchen.  She thought that there appears to be space for 33 shelves.  Is 27 shelves the maximum or what comes       with it?


2023-2024 - Nutrition Services RFP's

Request For Proposal




RFP Packet Download:





RFP Questions:

  • None submitted at this time.