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Certified Staff Needs Assessment 2021

The Spring 2021 Staff Needs Assessment results indicated that teachers are worried about classroom based virtual (CBV) students, students who are struggling socially and emotionally as well as special education students not performing at grade level expectations.  Teachers also indicated that benefit from professional development on strategies to teach CBV students and students struggling socially and emotionally.  Teachers also said their teaching would benefit from professional development in English Language Arts, Computer Science/Technology and Math.  Top requests for professional development include; social emotional learning, PBIS activities, mental health and trauma, technology and differentiation as well as accommodating all learners.  Teachers also related that they use their PLC teams, administrators, instructional planning time and technology to enhance their teaching.      




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PLC Survey Trend Data

Indicator I:  We are committed to working together to achieve our collective purpose of learning for all students.  We cultivate a collaborative culture through the development of high-performing teams. We are organized into collaborative teams in which members work interdependently to achieve common goals that directly impact student achievement. Structures have been put in place to ensure: • Collaboration is embedded in our routine work practice. • We are provided with time to collaborate. • We are clear on the critical questions. • Our collaborative work is monitored and supported.

Indicator II: We have identified and honor the commitments we have made to the members of our collaborative teams in order to enhance the effectiveness of our team. These articulated collective commitments or norms have clarified expectations of how our team will operate and we use them to address problems that may occur on the team.       

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