Employee Information

Welcome New Teachers!



Workplace policies are established to set boundaries, guidelines, and best practices for acceptable behavior at your school/job.  The purpose of policies is to help the district tie together the Strategic Plan, mission, vision, values, and culture into clearly written and easily accessible documents to guide employees during their employment in Sweetwater #1.  A summary of policies covered during new teacher week are available by clicking here. The searchable Sweetwater #1 policy repository is available by clicking here


Teacher Evaluations

The primary purpose of teacher evaluation is personal and professional growth that leads to improved performance. Evaluation is changing in the state of Wyoming. The legislators passed the changes in 2019 and the new statues went into effect July 2019.  The state board of education will publish general criteria for the evaluation system.  School districts have the flexibility in designing teacher evaluations focused on improving classroom instruction.  Evaluation documents currently used by Sweetwater #1 are available by clicking here

Salary Schedule