Curriculum Maps and Resources



The Wyoming Department of Education updates the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards every 9 years. This gives districts time for to revise their curriculum maps to align with the state standards as well as align resources to the maps. Districts are then able to use the curriculum maps and resources in classrooms. This cycle repeats to keep maps and resources current and teachers using them to help students achieve the standards. 

Curriculum Map Description

SCSD#1 curriculum maps are based on Wyoming Content and Performance Standards. The process of curriculum mapping follows a cycle of teacher questionnaires, teacher feedback and revisions by the SAC to produce a clear and comprehensive curriculum map teachers will use as a guide to classroom instruction.

Maps currently being revised will be in Draft form or In Progress. Completed maps will be in their Final form. Each subject area map contains a purpose statement, benchmarks, explanations, and standard references. An annotated page in each curriculum map explains each part of the map.

Science and Career & Technical Education will start the curriculum mapping process this year. Social Studies curriculum maps are currently in Draft form and will be continuing with the feedback/revision cycle. English Language Arts, Fine Arts, and Performing Arts are In Progress, meaning they are making final revisions after receiving feedback from teachers. Mathematics, Informational Literacy, Health/PE, and Foreign Language are in their Final  completed form.

Wyoming Content and Performance Standards

The Wyoming Content and Performance Standards serve several purposes. They articulate the set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do, enabling them to be prepared for college and career success, to live a life that contributes to the global community. These expectations are communicated to students, parents, educators and all other Wyoming stakeholders, and provide a common understanding among educators as to what students should learn at particular grade levels.

For information on specific standards, appendices, domains and clusters, and performance level descriptors see the WDE Content and Performance Standards webpage.

Education Programs and Resources

Informational Literacy

As dynamic partners in the educational experience in Sweetwater County School District #1, we empower students for success in life as information and technology literate global citizens. Students will develop skills through inquiry, and critical and creative thinking, while gaining a lifelong love of reading.  The library media staff also support keyboarding skills with students K-6. 

K-8 Social Skills

The Stop and Think Social Skills Program contains role playing and group activities. This nationally recognized program addresses four developmental levels and helps students learn interpersonal, survival, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. Along with teachers and staff using Stop and Think in grades k-8, elementary school counselors in SCSD#1 use an adopted program called Second Step as their resource to teach all children in grades k-5 social and emotional learning.

“With age-appropriate lessons, the Second Step Program for K—5 features catchy songs, fun games, and other engaging activities that develop social-emotional skills. Children learn how to make friends, manage their emotions, solve problems, and deal with peer pressure.”

For more information on the Stop and Think Social Skills Program visit For an in-depth explanation Second Step classroom learning visit

Career & College Awareness Grades 9-12

Students in grades nine through twelve are scheduled in a Career and College Readiness (CCR) class. Students learn social skills ranging from college and test prep (time management, how to read questions, interrupting charts and organizing written responses), soft skills and interviewing (physical appearance, body language, applying for jobs, self-efficacy, communication and listening skills), organizing and social interactions (cyber safety/ digital citizenship, prioritizing tasks, conflict resolution and study skills), and future planning and goal setting (budget, career opportunities, long and short term goals, financial planning).  Schools have resources to support students.  For additional information click on the following school links:  Black Butte High School, Farson-Eden High School, Rock Springs High School

English Learners Resources

Both ReadyGen and SpringBoard were adopted by the district in the spring of 2017 as the primary resources to be used to support English Learners in grades K-5 and 6-12, respectively. ReadyGen is an integrated literacy program that accelerates learning for all students using authentic text along with supplemental materials to support English Learner instruction.  SpringBoard is built on the foundational principles of embedded assessments that are back-mapped from advanced placement courses and college/career readiness. SpringBoard, along with ReadyGen, also provides many supplemental resources to support English Learners on their path to English language acquisition. Both ReadyGen and SpringBoard provide scaffolded support that allow for individualistic linguistic differentiation aligning to each student’s annual language goals.