Technology Staff

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Our Department of Information Technology serves the SCSD#1 community by providing
cost-effective, leading-edge information, products and services that support
student learning in the District.
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Meet the 2016-2017 Technology Staff


Staff - Title/Building Location

Stephanie Tolman – Chief Information Officer

Charlotte Pruden-Ross - Stagecoach, Overland, CAB, Maintenance, Juvenile Detention Center

Courtney Mikkelsen – Eastside, Pilot Butte

Diana Romero – Desert View, Sage, Desert (Wamsutter), Libraries, Head Start

Guillermo Alonso de la Sierra – Rock Springs Junior High, Rock Springs High School, Black Butte High School, Roosevelt Learning Center

Gwen Allgaier – Administrative Assistant

Howard McCort – Computer Specialist

Iker Torrontegui – Systems Specialist

Jerry Evans - Walnut, Westridge, CAB, Rock Springs High School

Keith Miller – Black Butte High School, Rock Springs High School, Rock Springs Junior High, Transportation

Leanne Chesnovar – Rock Springs High School, Rock Springs Junior High, Black Butte High School, Farson-Eden School

Lennie Lew – Integration Specialist

Maribel Burgess - Northpark, Lincoln, CAB, Maintenance, Juvenile Detention Center

Pat Atwood – SIS Specialist

Stacie Smith – Mobile Devices

Zach Gunyan – Network Specialist



Elementary Team

Secondary Team