2022 Hall of Fame

2022 Rock Springs Hall of Fame Members Announced

Over the past months, a committee of RSHS staff, district personnel and community members have worked to select the Rock Spring High School Hall of Fame Class of 2022 Inductees list.

Many steps have been taken along the way, but none more important than opening to the public the chance to nominate Distinguished Alumni, Contributors, Coaches, Athletes and Teams.
In order to be considered for the RSHS Hall of Fame, a nomination must be made in support of the person or team.
With over 100 years of Rock Springs High School history, you can imagine the task the committee faced during the selection process.

The committee finally settled on ten (10) individual members and one (1) team for the Class of 2022.
These outstanding individuals will be inducted into the Rock Springs High School Hall of Fame during Sept 1-3, 2022.
Events will encompass the Tiger Town Bash Pep Rally with reception following on Thurs, Sept 2, 2022.

Recognition at the RSHS Hall of Fame Football game on Friday evening Sept. 2, 2022.
Sweetwater One Foundation Hall of Fame Golf Tournament. for those interested, on the morning of Saturday Sept 3,2022.
The culminating event will be held the evening of Saturday, Sept, 3, 2022 with the Induction Banquet being held at in Tiger Arena at Rock Springs High School.
Please join us in congratulating the following individuals and team members :

Individual Inductees

Dave "Gutty" Carter            Athlete
Donna Evans                          Athlete
JJ Syvrud                                 Athlete
Ernie Dunn                              Coach
Rob Spence                             Athlete
Stewart Dulaney                   Athlete/Coach
Todd Dulaney                         Coach
Rex Dulaney                            Contributor
Carl Romanowski                  Coach
John Novotny                         Contributor


1978 State Championship Football Team
Craig Lee (deceased)
Bill Singleton
Tim Stevenson
Russel Smalstig
Dan Hinsley
Tim Waters
Jeffery Halter
John "Rock" Bettolo
Dennis McAffee
Jeb Burnett
Doyle Maser
Ray Bassani
Dave Cohrn (deceased)
John Cheese
Lance Allen
Tom Andrews
Brett Wilder
Kevin Peretti
Ray Snapp
Scott MacDonald
Jon Sarcletti
Dennis Kessner
Brian Robinson
Alan Kershisnik
Rob Spence
Keith Taylor (deceased)
Conrad Behring
Dave Kloefkorn
Shannon Riley
Rob Mann
Fred Bath
Joe Seneshale
Jim Jereb (deceased)
Rich Roberts
Ozzie Knezovich
Brian Ashmore
David Johns
Greg Hamilton
Larry Amizich
Tom Mullen
Ron Besso
Scott Nelson
Jay Getz
Dan Flor
Bill Baker
Sam Montoya
Bart Hamilton
Stewart Johnson
Ryan Meduna
Mark Magagna
Myron O'Lexey
Brian Rawlings
Willy Cederburg
Dale Pecolar
Dave Ashcraft
Steve Shassetz
Kevin Nosich (deceased)
Rich Treoen
Terry McCrann
Dennis Jereb
Rich Mivshek
Bill Smalstig
Joe Grasso
Tex Singleton
Larry Sheddan
Ken McNalley
Stewart Schmidt (deceased)
Bill Anderson
Ed Taliferro
Angelo Gibson
Tony Kaumo
Bruce Peterson
Amos Gibson
Ken Comstock
Butch Lopez (deceased)
Jim Mason (deceased)
Dave Bozner
Jackson Waters

Denny Brown (deceased)
Paul Grube
Al Bozner
Mike Lopiccolo
Tom Bernartis