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  Technology Support/Training

Call 352-3400 for district  information
Call (307) 352-3460 for a technology emergency
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The goal of the Information and Technology (IT) Department is to support, maintain, and enhance technology for our students and staff, enabling them to make efficient use of information technologies in their respective environments and throughout the district. This includes servicing the network and systems interface, Powerschool SIS, 40+ Software Programs, and over 10,000 wireless devices across the district, in addition to addressing issues that arise through Staff and Student Helpdesk systems.

District Software

Software for SCSD#1


General Districtwide

Canvas  ALL Staff & Students
Google Education Apps  ALL Staff & Students
Student Email  ALL Students
BrainPop  ALL Staff
Fastt Math (computer only) K-8
Scholastic Reading Counts/SRI  K-6 Limited Licensing
DreamBox K-6
IXL Math/ELA/Science/Social Studies K-8 Limited Licensing
Typing Agent K-6
Write Tools K-8
CoWriter & Snap & Read 3-12
Turn it in  7-12
IXL Math 9-12 Limited Licensing

Specialty Curriculum

ConnectED K-12 Special Services Math & Language
Imagine Learning ELL K-6
Mystery Science  K-6 Science Teachers
Euerka Math/Great Minds K-8 Math Teachers
Rosetta Stone Limited Licensing for Staff & Students
Smart Music Limited Licensing for Music Teachers
ReadyGen  K-5 Language Curriculum
SpringBoard  6-12 Language Arts
Gizmos  7-12 Science Teachers RSJH/RSHS
Avancemos/Bien 7-12 Foreign Language
My Big Ideas Math 9-12 Math Teachers
Alexandria  ALL (Library)
ActivInspire Staff
Kagan Tools Staff


  • If you would like to use the general district-wide and speciality curriculum software, please put in a helpdesk ticket for each software program, and we can get accounts for you or help you get accounts setup for your students depending on the program!


Additional Free-Approved Software       
Only a sample of the most requested!

Kahoot!  ALL
Zearn ALL
Khan Academy ALL
Class-Dojo  ALL
Epic  ALL
Front Row ALL
Code. org  ALL
Promethean Planet & World ALL Staff & Students

There are several other free software programs that are on our student links, that you can check out also.

 Please feel free to open a ticket if there is an unlisted software program you are interested in and would like to use so we could check availability, educational approval, and funding for.

WE would be glad to help support you and your students in your classroom.

Staff HelpDesk Statistics

          Closed Tickets over the past 12 months: 11,002

          Closed Tickets over the past 50 days: 3,626

          Open Tickets: 881


* As of September, 23rd, 2019

Student HelpDesk Statistics

          Closed Tickets over the past 50 days: 219

          Open Tickets: 120 


* As of September, 23rd, 2019