Local Students Receive Gift of Music from Kari’s Access Awards

Two local students will be filling their home with music this Holiday after being the recipients of Kari’s Access Awards that will provide clarinets for their musical training through the school district.

These gifts came from Kari’s Access Awards, a local endowment fund started in 2006 by Larry Fusselman, in memory of his daughter Kari (Kay) Fusselman who was a student at Westridge Elementary, White Mountain Junior High, and Rock Springs High School.

“It was great to see and hear the gratitude expressed by these students and their parents when they received these awards. Those smiles remind us what this is all about,” said Larry Fusselman.

The fund gives School District #1 students access to non-traditional scholarships. These scholarships allow students to participate in outside programs, enhancing learning and personal growth beyond their daily school activities. To date, they have awarded over 400 non-traditional scholarships to local students of all ages.

Students can apply directly or are recommended through friends, teachers and family. The scholarships are then awarded based on a set criteria
composed of need, attendance, and academics.
Kari’s Access Awards receives 100% of their funding from private donations and their annual fundraiser.

The committee is all-volunteer and includes community members passionate about the future of our local youth. They include: Jessica Maser (Chairperson), Kayci Arnoldi, Art Castillo, Gary Collins, Weston Lamb, Kori Rossetti-Slaugh, Stacee Hanson, and Andrea Tate.

Kari’s Access Awards opens new opportunities to students; bringing out the best in each student one child at a time.
If you would like more information on Kari’s Access Awards, or to ask about how to recommend a student for application, please call Larry Fusselman at 307-350-5267.

The Sweetwater One Public School Foundation would like to acknowledge Bob Arambel for his service to the Foundation since 2005. 

The Sweetwater One Public School Foundation would like to acknowledge Laura Schmid-Pizzato for her service to the Foundation since 2005. 

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