Vision Statement

As an innovative district, united with our community, we empower and inspire all students to academic excellence in pursuit of their interests and passions.

Operational Vision: 

To empower and celebrate staff by providing quality training and support focused on a commitment to students.

Academic Vision:

To implement the Instructional Model which includes purposeful planning, quality instruction, resources, and assessment.

Mission Statement:

To provide a quality education for all students.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Making students our first priority.
  • Utilizing community partnerships.
  • Promoting professional excellence.
  • Being a board committed to excellence in education.
  • Providing a safe, orderly and efficient environment. 

The Board will conduct all business with integrity, openness and a spirit of partnership

Statement of Beliefs:


Students: We believe schools exist to provide students with the essential building blocks for tomorrow's world citizens.

Community: We believe schools work in partnership with the community to provide quality education through active support and involvement.

Board: We believe in being committed to excellence in education by maximizing available resources, and understanding our proper role in overseeing the District with openness and integrity.

Educators & Staff: We believe in a qualified, well-trained, caring group of professionals who have an intensity of purpose and a mission of service, working within an environment that promotes professional growth.

Environment: We believe in schools that provide a safe, orderly, efficient environment for teaching and learning.