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9th Street is a boundary split street.
North and South Edgar Street is now attending Desert View Elementary.  This means any Edgar Street address.
Please call the Central Administration Building  HR Department for confirmation if you have any questions.

K-3 Updated Boundary Maps and Streets

 District  Boundary Maps and Streets    
Desert View Elementary  Map Streets
Northpark Elementary  Map 
Sage Elementary  Map
Stagecoach Elementary  Map
Walnut Elementary  Map


The 2017 Maps and Streets will be removed at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

 2017_District Map     
Desert View Elementary  Map  Streets
Northpark Elementary  Map   Streets
Overland Elementary  (21-22 Sage Elementary)  Map   Streets
Sage Elementary  Map   Streets
Stagecoach Elementary  Map   Streets
Walnut Elementary  Map 
Westridge Elementary (21-22 Stagecoach Elementary)  Map   Streets

4-6 Boundary Map