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Bid Questions:

Date Entity Question/Answer
5/31/2023 School Specialty On page 9 of the bid, it says: All labor costs must be clearly identified. Does this require installation? If so, how many locations would the installers be visiting, and would they be using their own warehouse or the districts? Also, there’s not a box indicating install costs, should it just be added into the total cost?
5/31/2023 SCSD1 Thank you for the question. For this bid we will not be requiring installation. 
6/1/2023 Meteor Education Do we have 5% for local business?  Is there anything else that we need to comply. 
6/1/2023 SCSD1 On page 3 of the bid specifications it does detail information about the 5% preference for Wyoming bidders. All companies claiming a Wyoming resident status must provide a Wyoming resident status certificate.
6/1/2023 Meteor Education If a manufacturer/company is involved in specifying products that are listed within the bid specifications, is this manufacturer/company still eligible to participate in the bidding process?
6/1/2023 SCSD1 The listed example items are identified as products of National Business Furniture (NBF), Madison Liquidators, Amazon and Staples. These are exemplars of suitable products given to clarify the type of goods requested. The bid notice identifies that substitutions are permitted. Since the identified vendors were not consulted by the District to specify products, those manufacturers or companies are permitted to submit bids.