School Health Services


1. First aid for minor injuries is provided at school.   Parents or listed emergency contacts will be

    called by phone in the event of a serious illness or injury.

2. When unable to reach parents or emergency contact, emergency medical services(ambulance)

    will be called at the discretion of the principal.

3. School Buildings have CPR and FIRST AID CERTIFIED Staff thru American Red Cross Courses. 

4. Food Service Staff are trained by school nurses to handle choking emergencies.

5. Bus drivers are CPR and First Aid trained.



1. School Nurse provides health education activities as appropriate or when requested by teachers.

2. School Nurse also provides adult health counseling as appropriate, searches medical topics as needed.

3. Staff Programs: Blood Borne pathogens training, CPR/First Aid Training and Staff Wellness Programs



1. Pertinent Visits to the health room are documented by the school nurse or designee

2. Documented visits are reviewed periodically by the school nurse

3. In the event of a contagious disease, parents or listed emergency contacts will be notified

4. Students with possible minor head injuries in school, parent notification by phone and/or a head

    injury documentation will be sent home with the student



1. State of Wyoming requires compliance within 30 calendar days after enrollment to provide written

   documentary proof of immunization to the appropriate school official

2. Medical and Religious Exemptions require an application form signed by parent/guardian, notarized

    and submitted to Wyoming State department of Health


MEDICATIONS IN SCHOOL (see medications page for forms)

District Policy: “All student’s medication prescription (k-12) and non-prescription (7-12) be prescribed or dispensed by a physician or parent.  Medication may be administered by school nurses or other designated school personnel under the following conditions:

            1. An Authorization for Administration of Medications is completed, signed appropriately

            2. Medication is in a properly labeled prescription container

            3. Supply of medications will be furnished to the school

            4. Medication is stored in a locked cabinet/drawer in the school office

            5. Medication is administered under the direct supervision of a designated employee

            6. Record of medication administered to include name of medication, dosage, date and 

                time of administration, name of student and signature of person administering will be


            7.Appropriate training will be given to all designated employees by the school nurses

            8. Non-oral medications will be administered by a school nurse



1. School nurses do vision and hearing screens throughout the school year.  Screens are done annually.

2. EYE EXAMINATIONS: Referral form for an exam by an eye care specialist is sent home when a

            student fails the eye screens (please contact school nurse if financial assistance is 


3. Audiology Program: Services of the school district audiologist will be offered after failing hearing

            screens twice.  Audiology appointments are scheduled through the school nurses.  Parent

            written consent is required, parents are asked to bring their children to Walnut School for

            the appointments.