Authorization for Administration of Prescription Medication form

Authorization for Administration of Non-Prescription Medication form

Authorization for Exchange of Information form


District Policy: “All student’s medication prescription (k-12) and non-prescription (7-12) be prescribed or dispensed by a physician or parent.  Medication may be administered by school nurses or other designated school personnel under the following conditions:

1.      An Authorization for Administration of Medications is completed, signed appropriately

2.      Medication is in a properly labeled prescription container

3.      Supply of medications will be furnished to the school

4.      Medication is stored in a locked cabinet/drawer in the school office

5.      Medication is administered under the direct supervision of a designated employee

6.      Record of medication administered to include name of medication, dosage, date and time of administration, name of student and signature of person administering will be maintained

7.      Appropriate training will be given to all designated employees by the school nurses

8.      Non-oral medications will be administered by a school nurse