Worker Safety

Workers Safety


  1. The purpose of using workers safety practices is to prevent work related injuries and accidents. Safety practices also help maintain a safe environment for all staff, students and parents at all times.  


    The materials required to maintain the safety of the building occupants depends on the type of activity performed.   


    Trainees will participate in a hands on training.  They will also receive a slide show and a training manual to outline each activity in this program.


Blood and Body Fluid Handling

  1. Blood and Fluid Clean Up Kit
  2. Body Fluid Kit Procedure
  3. Procedure for Bio-Hazard Cleanup


Ladder Safety

  1. Extension and Stepladders
  2. Overview


Back Health and Lifting Safety

  1. Lifting Safety
  2. Lifting Review
  3. Back Health 


 Chemical Safety

  1. Right to Know
  2. Review