Disability Access Parking

RSHS Tiger Stadium

Rock Springs High School is in the process of making changes to increase accessibility for persons with disabilities. Below, outlines some of the changes made so far and provides additional information for next week’s graduation. This information will be updated as progress is made.

  • North Lot ADA Parking: Effective immediately, the North parking lot will be closed to all vehicles except ADA-designated vehicles (as shown by displayed placards/plates) during all events held at the field and adjacent facilities. ADA parking will be on a first-come-first-served basis, with traditional spots available for ADA overflow.
  • North Lot/Bleacher Pick-Up and Drop-Off: Non-designated vehicles will be permitted to enter the North lot to pick up or drop off individuals with mobility impairments.
  • Lower Field Access: The lower field may be accessed off of Cottonwood Drive or through the main building by using the elevator. Event staff will be stationed at building and field entrance locations to provide access and assistance.
  • Facility Access for Others: All other spectators accessing the facilities through the gate shall use the designated footpath in order to keep the roadway clear and ensure pedestrian safety.

Further Assistance and Contact Information:  The North Lot entrance gate and Cottonwood Drive entrance gate will be manned at all times by event staff who are available to provide assistance.

RSHS Tiger Stadium Accessibility: (307) 389-0654

A link to the accessibility map and further information is available on the District’s and the RSHS websites.



For further information contact: Tom Jassman at (307) 352-3440