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The Sweetwater #1 K12 Virtual School strives to provide tuition-free public school online learning opportunities. All required materials will be delivered to your home. We are a Wyoming grown program that reflects Wyoming lifestyles and preferences while providing a high quality educational experience. Using innovative choice-based strategies, our program allows for true personalized learning. Whatever your learning goals are, we provide options from the elementary level up to the ability to earn a high school diploma. 

Sweetwater#1 Virtual School will be offering K-6 services, statewide.  Elementary students have the opportunity to learn with live lessons from Wyoming certified teachers.  Following live lessons, students have learning options for each lesson everyday, including one-on-one time with the teacher.  Students will not be on the computer all day long.  Teachers use local curriculum, local resources that reflect Wyoming values.   Contact us to see what Sweetwater #1 Virtual is all about!  mcmartint@sw1.k12.wy.us, varrasd@sw1.k12.wy.us or call 307-352 3400 x 1260. 

2023-2024 Second Semester Registration Information


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Sweetwater #1 Virtual School Handbook





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes Sweetwater#1 Virtual School different from other virtual programs?

  • The Sweetwater#1 Virtual School offers K-12 personalized learning experiences, it is Wyoming grown and tuition free.

What technology/resources will be provided to my students?

  • Our selected resources go through a vigorous adoption process to ensure they are the best research-based programs for student learning.   Students will be provided with the technology so they can participate in virtual learning.  A variety of materials are vital to a successful learning experience; therefore, subscriptions to learning programs, books and additional learning materials will be provided to students.  Learning coaches will coordinate with the virtual teacher to gather additional materials as needed.  

How do I get technology support?  

  • The district will offer support via student Help Desk tickets.  Students will log onto HelpDesk and request assistance.  IT staff will work with students and learning coaches to resolve technology concerns.

Who teaches the courses?

  • Sweetwater #1 advertised and interviewed candidates for virtual positions.  The classes will be taught by the best certified candidates trained specifically to teach online and provide innovative choice-based learning strategies.

Can we enroll part-time with the school district and part time with another online program or school?

  • Yes.  Sweetwater#1 Virtual School will work with families to ensure the best learning opportunities and options for our students.  Since the Virtual School is part of Sweetwater County School District #1, students can enroll in online classes as well as attend traditional classrooms.  

What training do the instructors have for online teaching?

  • Our instructors are trained in choice-based learning strategies to meet your students' learning needs,  Team based learning sessions throughout the year includes areas of instructor needs such as Canvas, additional virtual teaching strategies, relationship building strategies, engagement strategies, providing social-emotional support to online learners, data analysis etc..

What is a learning coach?

  • A learning coach is an adult (usually parent/guardian) that is responsible to create and manage the school day routine.  

What support will learning coaches receive?

  • Learning coaches will have access to training in regard to needed technical skill sets and will have access to prioritized communications opportunities with the instructor.  Instructors will prepare weekly checklists to help learning coaches to stay organized.

What are district responsibilities related to virtual education?

  • To ensure a quality education, any district providing virtual education courses, must submit an application to the WDE for program approval. Districts providing virtual education must adhere to all statutory and Chapter 41 Virtual Education Rules requirements including ensuring the courses are aligned to Wyoming Content and Performance Standards and taught by Wyoming certified teachers. Districts must also track participation in virtual education for the purposes of recording and reporting an attendance equivalent measure for average daily membership.

What are the attendance expectations for Sweetwater#1 Virtual?

  • Students are expected to log in to each class and complete an assignment.  This will count for attendance for the whole week.  At the end of the week (Sunday night at 11:59 pm, if the student hasn't contacted the teacher or completed an assignment, the student will be marked absent. 




Elementary Education

The elementary school day will start with a morning class meeting each day and an afternoon check-in Monday through Thursday. After the class meeting, students will have choices of activities to complete throughout the day. These choices will include optional small group activities with the teacher online, independent computer based or project-based activities and/or away from the computer activities with opportunities to work hands-on or visit community resources. Students will also have an afternoon meeting for attendance, to teach, to check on progress, or to provide learning support. Instructors will provide weekly-based checklists in order to help with organization.


Secondary Education

We emphasize development of independent learning skills that are important beyond high school. As a result, courses at this level will rely more on asynchronous learning strategies while still providing for student to student interactions and choice-based learning. Instructors will provide weekly-based checklists in order to help with organization.  Students in grades 7 -12 will be participating in a blend of asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities. 

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Contact Information

Peighton Spaulding: spaldingp@sw1.k12.wy.us

Michael Alton: altonm@sw1.k12.wy.us

Chris Clifton: cliftonc@sw1.k12.wy.us

Trista McMartin: mcmartint@sw1.k12.wy.us

Jodie Garner:  garnerj@sw1.k12.wy.us

Debbie Varras:  varrasd@sw1.k12.wy.us