February 20th 2019 SCSD#1 Young Author Competition Results!

Below are the Young Authors who received 1st place awards in each category.

 1st place winners' stories are available to read by clicking on the title.

Congratulations to all students that participated in Young Authors this year!

This year, 600 students from Sweetwater County School District #1 (SCSD#1) schools entered stories into the annual Young Author Contest. Students in grades K- 12 at Black Butte, Desert. Desert View, Eastside, Farson-Eden, Northpark, Overland, Pilot Butte, Rock Springs Junior High, Rock Springs High School, Sage, Stagecoach, Walnut and Westridge all had students submit entries to the contest.

Over 660 Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry entries were judged using a 6 + 1 trait scoring rubric provided by the state of Wyoming. SCSD#1 recognizes all participants with a Certificate of Participation and a goodie bag. First, second, and third place winners were recognized at a celebration on February 20, 2019 in the Rock Springs Junior High School Auditorium. First place winners received a plaque and certificate, while second and third place winners received a certificate and a journal.

First place entrants from SCSD#1 will now compete against first place entrants from SCSD#2 and Holy Spirit Catholic School. These students will be recognized at the Sweetwater County Young Author Contest Celebration on March 06, 2019 at 6:30pm in the Rock Springs Junior High School Auditorium.

Tammy Macy, District Young Author Coordinator said, “As always I appreciate the effort that students put into their writing entries. The judges and I enjoy reading them and hope that students continue to write and be excited to write. I hope students continue to submit entries to the Young Author Contest. SCSD#1 recently focused on improving writing in the classroom and this year the quality of submissions notably improved from previous years. Thank you to all of the students, parents, and teachers for continued support of the Young Author Contest. I look forward to seeing many of these names again next year.”

This year’s winners and their stories can be found at: http://www.sweetwater1.org/groups/4800/curriculum_instruction_and_assessment/young_author_results



March 6th 2019 Young Author County Competition Results

Below are the Young Authors who won at the County Celebration or received Honorable Mention in each category.

Congratulations to all students that participated in Young Authors this year!

County Fiction Winners

Liliana Magana -Unicorn Kindergarten SCSD #1

Leighton Bailey -Pa's Crazy Dreams First Grade SCSD #2

Brennan Stainbrook -The Horrible Day Second Grade SCSD #1

Aspen Seppie - How to own a Unicorn Third Grade SCSD #1

Boston James -Third String Fourth Grade SCSD #1

Tanner Hokanson -Blue Sambor and Gray Sambor in: Old Sow Grizzly Fifth Grade SCSD #2

Hadlee Miller -The House on Maple Street Sixth Grade HSCS

Shane Meats -The Quest Revenge on Sun God Ra Seventh Grade SCSD #1

Kaylee Nelson -My New Life Eighth Grade SCSD #2

Allison Brown -Obscure Nostalgia Ninth Grade SCSD #2

Tasha Seppie -The Peculiar Journal of Andrew Stewart Tenth Grade SCSD #1

Emily Reyes -The Legend of Kissing Rock Eleventh Grade SCSD #2

Jasmine Fernandez The Last 4 Months Twelfth Grade SCSD #1

County Fiction Honorable Mentions

Myah Quiroz -Bunny is Finding Food Kindergarten SCSD #2

Karter Eikanger -T-Rex Versus Triceratops First Grade SCSD #1

Dalton miller From the Amazon to Wyoming First Grade HSCS

Ryleigh Jeppesen -The Kitten Who Got Lost in the Rain Second Grade SCSD #2

Camille Ferreyra -The Panda Village Second Grade SCSD #2

Clint Copsey -The Dead House Third Grade HSCS

Stevie Winer -Erika Undercover Third Grade SCSD #2

Sydney Lopez -4 Girls Save the World 2 Fourth Grade SCSD #2

Bailey Anderson -Howl's Beckoning Fifth Grade SCSD #1

Aveleigh Scheuerman -The Spirit of Ellaca Rose Sixth Grade SCSD #1

Addison Demaret -My (College) Life Story Sixth Grade SCSD #2

Emily Brady -Murder Mansion Seventh Grade SCSD #2

Alaina Kothe -Sweet Alpha Eighth Grade SCSD #1

Kalesy Robinson -A Little Bud Ninth Grade SCSD #1

Emma Christiansen -The Giant With No Crown Tenth Grade SCSD #2

Kaitlyn Duran -The Fire Within Eleventh Grade SCSD #1

Rebecca Shamer -Ancient Indian Creation Myth Twelfth Grade SCSD #2

County Non-Fiction Winners

Aaliyah Brunz -My Trip to Disneyland Kindergarten SCSD #1

Ashton Keelin -The Day I Defeated Ninja  First Grade SCSD #1

Maylee Callahan -The City of Green River Animals SCSD #2

Brookelyn Phillips -The Wet and Wild Summer Third Grade SCSD #2

Ellie Quiroz -The Amazing Women of the World Fourth Grade SCSD #2

Nixie Guzman -Crazy Adventure Fifth Grade SCSD #2

Julie Bowen -Locked Out A True Story Sixth Grade SCSD #2

Elena Barrera -Strength Eighth Grade SCSD #2

Allison Brown -Driving 101 What NOT To Do Ninth Grade SCSD #2

Nevaeh Lauriski-Adams -Save Me a Spark Eleventh Grade SCSD #2

Kaitlynn Sharp -October 3rd Twelfth Grade SCSD #2

County Non-Fiction Honorable Mentions

Asher Fuller -My Trip to Florida and Disney World Kindergarten SCSD #2

Gabriel Cordova -Kokanee Salmon First Grade SCSD #2

Brennan Stainbrook -My Trip to Washington Second Grade SCSD #1

Olivia Baguma -Story of My Life Third Grade SCSD #1

Karla Moreno Lizarraga -Mickey's Life SCSD #1

Lilia Faudoa -The Reason Why I Don't Like Christmas Fifth Grade SCSD #1

Larissa Panzer -Inconvenient Passes Sixth Grade SCSD #1

Savannah Christensen -Split Eighth Grade SCSD #1

Celeste Keelin -My Stressful, Disastrous, Overly Complicated and Traumatic Relationship with Driving  Eleventh Grade SCSD #1

Jesse Madsen -Miraculous Twelfth Grade SCSD #1

County Poetry Winners

Cyrus Sweets -My Cat Kindergarten SCSD #1

Miles Kreis -Family, Fun and Bacon Second Grade SCSD #2

Dylan Powell -Creepy Crawlers Third Grade SCSD #1

Boston James -How are you Feeling? Fourth Grade SCSD #1

Colton Wolfe -Neverending Poem Fifth Grade SCSD #1

Ivie Schaechterle -Funny Bone Sixth Grade SCSD #1

Makayla Johnson -Makayla's Book of Poetry SCSD #1

Kyrah Schultz -Beautiful Chaos Ninth Grade SCSD #1

Einan Armstrong -Events of Black Tenth Grade SCSD #2

Jennifer Kerns -A Year After Treatment Eleventh Grade SCSD #1

Amber Juel -The Life I've Had Twelfth Grade SCSD #2

County Poetry Honorable Mentions

Deonte Carter -Football Trolls Second Grade SCSD #1

Oliver Wisniewski -My Favorite Sport Football Third Grade SCSD #2

Daisy Martinez -Holidays are the Best of the Year Fourth Grade SCSD #2

Sydney Bowen -Pets and Pizza A Book of Poetry Fifth Grade SCSD #2

Julie Bowen -The Art of Dance Sixth Grade SCSD #2

Sadie Campbell -Breath it In Twelfth Grade SCSD #1

Superintendent Winners

Aaliyah Brunz -My Trip to Disneyland K-2nd SCSD #1

Dylan Powell -Creepy Crawlers 3rd-6th SCSD #1

Dalton Miller -From the Amazon to Wyoming K-6th HSCS

Stevie Winer -Erika Undercover K-3rd SCSD #2

Kaylee Nelson -My New Life 4th-12th SCSD #2

Allison Brown -Obscure Nostagia 4th-12th SCSD #2