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Annual Accreditation

      District Board

District Purpose and Goals

Board Members and Operations

Board Policies   &   School Board Documents


District Leadership

District Leader Evaluation System

School Improvement Representative

School Leadership

        Principal Roles and Responsibilities

Teacher Evaluation Model and -R Policy

Stakeholder Communications

        District Communication Plan

Staff Employment

       District Human Resources

       Employee Handbook  &  Policies

Compliance Training

Professional Development

      Staff Development & Professional Development Plan 

State Accountability

     School Performance Ratings

School Improvement and Support

     School Improvement Plans

Programs, Standards and Curriculum

Education Programs

Literacy Program Description

Math Program Description

College and Career Guidance

District Assessment System

     Assessment System Plan

Instructional Methods

     District Instructional Framework

Learning Supports

Multi-Tiered Supports

District Reading Plan

District Special Education

English Learner Plan

Gifted and Talented

At-Risk and Dropout Prevention

At-Risk and Dropout Prevention

Culture, Climate and Safety

School Culture and Climate

School Safety

Student Activities

District  Activities

High School Graduation

District Graduation Requirements

Technology and Library Media

District Technology

District Library and Media

Virtual Education

District Virtual Education

Buildings and Facilities

District Facilities

Student Health

District Student Health

Calendars and Schedules

District Calendars


District Transportation

Food Services

District Nutrition

Finance and Data

District Finance and Data

Student Information

Student Data Privacy