Abbi Mikesell works on an assignment in Summer School.


Wyoming Bridges Grant

The Bridges Program provides funding opportunities to school districts for intervention programs for students beyond required student-teacher contact hours. In Sweetwater County School District #1 this grant provides funding for before and after school and summer school. This grant will reimburse the district up to a set amount for these programs. The Bridges grant also requires districts to give the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test to all students in kindergarten through ninth grade in the fall and spring for use in a study to evaluate program effectiveness. For more information on the Wyoming Bridges Grant please visit the Wyoming Department of Education Wyoming Bridges Grant webpage.


Amber Johnson instructs students in Summer School on making paper mache planets. 

STEM Training

In January a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) training was held for SCSD#1 Extended Day Program teachers. Associate Professor of Information Technology Carla Hester-Croft of WWCC facilitated the training. Associate Professor Hester-Croft believes “It isn’t just about teaching Math and Science, but why are children learning these skills. How STEM is relative in the future.” 

Teachers were given short projects for K-12 students aligning to various classroom lessons in the STEM areas and also learned more about online resources. Lessons and projects such as these support the enrichment components of the Wyoming Bridges Extended Day Programs. “Providing teachers with quality STEM training may directly influence student engagement to learn about current and future technology,” stated Thomas Bokelman, Special Education Teacher.

 Wyoming Bridges Grant funding made this training possible by funding classroom substitute wages, the training itself, as well as providing Makey Makey kits for each teacher to use in the classroom. 

“Our students are the future. We need to give them the tools to be the creative inventors, engineers and problem solvers that will shape our world. STEM gives us these tools,” Crystal Richardson, Fourth Grade Teacher.