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Sweetwater County School District #1 Online Learning Teacher Expectations

Purpose Statement:  The Sweetwater County School District #1 Online program strives to provide access to core and elective courses from our accredited institution. Our program expands options for students as they seek to obtain their high school diploma.

General Information:  A virtual education course needs to be appealing and engaging.  Classes should be able to accommodate the needs of a variety of learners.  Enrichment and remediation opportunities will be afforded to all virtual students.  Include and incorporate multiple opportunities for the student to succeed in a virtual education classroom.  

Sweetwater#1 Online Learning Course Design Expectations

  • Design a quality semester course.
  • Align course to Sweetwater #1 Curriculum Maps.
  • Incorporate strategies to support and engage all online learners.
  • Participate in training and check-in meetings.
  • Revise courses based on feedback from the district coordinator.
  • Ensure interactive opportunities for students within the virtual courses.
  • Sign a time and effort document ensuring the amount of time spent on the project (grant requirement)

Contact Information & Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Rhonda Gamble, Ed.D.
RSHS Social Studies Instructor
SCSD#1 Online Learning Coordinator



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is virtual education?

Virtual education in our state is considered to be K-12 courses taught and delivered primarily through technology (W.S. 21-13-330(f)(i)). In these courses, the physical separation of the virtual education teacher and student(s) substantially limits or even prohibits the teacher from providing a preponderance of the course instruction in person. A course is considered virtual education even when a student is in a supervised brick and mortar setting if the teacher instructing the course isn’t available to provide in person, direct instruction as needed by the student.

What is a virtual education teacher?

A virtual education teacher is the person who provides course instruction, facilitates student learning, monitors student progress, provides and grades assignments, and provides qualitative feedback to students through technology outside of the physical classroom. The virtual education teacher is not able to provide in person instruction a preponderance of the time due to the student and teacher being in separate locations.

What is a virtual education program?

Virtual education programs in Wyoming may only be delivered through a school district approved by the WDE to provide courses through distance delivery. School districts may opt to deliver virtual education courses part-time or full-time and they may elect to provide courses only to students in their district, a selection of districts or statewide.

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source:  Wyoming Department of Education  https://virtual307.com/faq/




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