New Shirt

Order Information

Shirt orders are being collected now.   Our new shirt is $12 and the first deadline is September 29.  

Units of Study for this Year

This year I am going to focus on the following Big Ideas for each class.

3rd:   Robotics and Circuits 

Bee-Bots, Blue-Bots, Pro-Bots, Hummingbird Robotics, Cubelets, Drones Ozobots, Dash robots, We Care and Mindstorm Legos, Little Bits, Makey-Makey, Tesla, Smart Circuits, Doodle-Bots, and Pi circuits (to name a few). 

4th:  Coding and Creation

OSMO, Bloxels, Code Academy, Agent Cubes Online, Glogster, 3Doodlers, Creo-Pop Pens, 3D printing, video animation, design units Scratch, Tynker, MAD Learn app creation, Lego Education, and Google (to name a few).

5th:  Business Planning and Cultures

Budgets and Inventory, problem solving in teams, scheduling, leadership skills, recipe science, business planning and simulation, food service health and safety, survey building, chess, land anguages and cultures (Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, Greek, and Egypt) (to name a few). 

6th:  Future City Planning and Engineering

OSMO, presentation skills and social media, Strawbees, Marble and Domino runs, Legos, Cardboard building, tuct tape creations, Microduino, engineering unit, Future City Planning, and SIM City (to name a few). 

Combo:   STEM and Rubik’s Cubes

Rubik’s Cube lessons, mosaics, and patterns, energy, life science, Earth Science, Space, development and design, construction, digital living, holiday STEM, machines, health, environment, communication, and nature (to name a few).

In addition to these big ideas all classes will continue with Microsoft Word, Web 2.0, Google, Kidblog, Typing Agent, the smoothie work, problem solving, STEM mini projects, and team building.  

Class Dojo

I plan to use Class Dojo for my main communication with parents.   Information on sign up will be sent home on the first day of class.   Please be looking for the note.